Hounslow House Clearances

Comparing house clearance services in Hounslow ensures you receive the best value, tailored solutions, and reliable, efficient service, ultimately saving you time and money.

Hounslow Mixed Waste Collections

When you need to clear a lot of items, hiring professional help is more convenient and efficient. Using Clear My Rubbish makes it easier by letting you submit one request to connect with 4 or 5 local house clearance firms in Hounslow. This way, you can compare quotes and find an affordable solution to clear your rubbish.

1/4 Load ( or 250 kg )

£190 average price

1/2 Load ( or 500 kg )

£305 average price

3/4 Load ( or 750 kg )

£420 average price

Full Load ( or 1000 kg )

£520 average price

Hounslow House Clearance Benefits

✔ Leaving the rubbish outside in Hounslow is illegal

✔ Renting a van is time-consuming & expensive

✔ Local Hounslow Clearance Services

✔ Keep your hands clean- let the proc deal with the rubbish

✔ Know-how on where to dispose of certain items in Hounslow

✔ Quicker House Rubbish Clearance vs. DIY

Where Is My Recycling Centre?

The main recycling centre for Hounslow residents is the “Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre,” located in North Feltham. However, opening times, accessibility, and services can change, so it’s recommended to check the official website of the London Borough of Hounslow or contact the local council directly for the most up-to-date information regarding recycling centres and their locations.

Have you made up your mind? Is it time for house clearance?

Using Hounslow Rubbish Clearance vs. DIY

Hounslow clearance service offers distinct advantages over a DIY approach. Professional handling ensures waste is managed in line with local regulations, eliminating potential legal issues and environmental harm. They possess the necessary equipment and manpower for quick disposal of bulky items, while also having the know-how to recycle or repurpose waste effectively. Outsourcing this task saves individuals and businesses both time and effort, making it a more efficient choice.

What Items Cost Extra To Be Cleared?

With the general rubbish like beds, wardrobes and chairs, there are certain items which will have an additional cost when calculating your price. Below we have a short list of the most common items which we collect and cost extra.

Washing machine

From £60

TVs & Monitors

From £10


From £20

Fridge Freezers

From £60


From £2 per kg

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the items removed during a house clearance in Hounslow?

Items are typically sorted for donation, recycling, or disposal. Some companies also offer the option to sell valuable items on your behalf.

Do I need to be present during the house clearance in Hounslow?

It is not always necessary to be present, but it can be helpful to provide access and specific instructions. Some companies may also offer a key collection service.