Furniture Disposal

Hire quick and affordable furniture disposal services today. No need to rent a van, ask friends, or do the dirty job yourself. All bulky items will be taken out of your property quickly and safely.

Furniture Disposal Company Benefits

Opting for a local furniture disposal company near you has lots of benefits. The proximity allows for faster service and simpler scheduling. The furniture clearance firm being local most of the time will be much cheaper.

By choosing a local furniture disposal firm you also support the local economy and small businesses when you hire a local company. Additionally, if you need urgent clearance due to an unexpected event, local companies can generally respond more rapidly. Over time, this often leads to a fruitful relationship with a trusted service provider who understands your specific needs and preferences.

Furniture disposal

Discover the cost of clearing your furniture.

Furniture Disposal Costs

The costs for furniture disposal services can vary quite a lot. This will all depend on factors such as the size and number of items, their weight, the need for disassembly, the access to the property and even the date you want furniture disposal done.

Using Clear My Rubbish can help you lower furniture disposal costs by 20 to 30% by providing multiple quotes from different service providers. This allows you to compare prices and choose the most cost-effective option, ensuring you get the best deal.

For a full house clearance, including furniture disposal, you could be looking at several hundred to over a thousand pounds, again depending on the volume and nature of the items.

Please bear in mind that if part of your furniture disposal there are items like mattresses, fridges or certain TVs and monitors, there will be additional cost for disposal.

Rubbish typeDisposal costWork
300 kg mixed load£75£260
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Furniture Disposal FAQs

Do I need to know the weight of each piece of furniture when requesting for a price?

When seeking a quote for furniture disposal from Clear My Rubbish, knowing the precise weight of each item is usually not necessary. We generally determine their prices based on the size and quantity of the items, the complexity of removal, and the disposal method required. Upon contact, we will ask you to describe your items and then provide a quote accordingly. For a more accurate estimate, especially for larger or more complex jobs, we might offer an on-site assessment.

Do I need to know the weight of each piece of furniture when requesting for a price?

We take all kinds of rubbish and furniture and this includes garden furniture disposal too. We can also dispose of your appliances or mattress, books, and clothes. Whatever rubbish you want to clear, simply contact us by filling out the form below.