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Clear My Rubbish provides unrivalled office clearance services, specializing in efficient, thorough, and eco-friendly decluttering. We ensure that every inch of your workspace is stripped of unnecessary items, fostering a clean, productive, and orderly environment.

  • Full or partial office clearance
  • Office furniture clearance
  • IT rubbish collections
  • Commercial waste collections
  • Paper waste disposal

What Is Office Clearance?

Office clearance services involve the systematic removal and disposal of unwanted items and furniture from an office or commercial space. When businesses relocate, downsize, or undergo renovations, office clearance services play a crucial role in efficiently clearing out the space. These services encompass the removal of office furniture, electronic equipment, documents, and other items that are no longer needed or outdated.

Clear My Rubbidh handles the entire process, from assessing the scope of the clearance to organizing, packing, and responsibly disposing of the items. We may also offer additional services such as secure data destruction, recycling, and donation of reusable items. Office clearance services help businesses streamline the transition process, create more functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces, and ensure compliance with waste management regulations.

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Office Clearance Costs

The average office clearance costs when using an office clearance company in the UK can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the office space, the amount of furniture and equipment to be cleared, the location of the office, and any specific requirements or additional services needed.

Generally, office clearance costs are typically calculated based on either the volume of items to be cleared or the time it takes to complete the clearance. The average price range for office clearance in the UK can be anywhere from £300 to £2,500 or more.

For smaller office spaces with minimal furniture and equipment, the cost may be towards the lower end of the range. However, larger offices with a significant amount of items or those requiring additional services such as secure data destruction or removal of hazardous materials may incur higher costs.

ServiceTeamAverage Price
1/4 load (200 c.ft)1-2 Men£320+VAT
1/2 load (400 c.ft)2 Men£480+VAT
Full load 2-3 Men£900+VAT
Multiple loadsPer requestPer request

How Does Office Clearance Work?

The typical process of an office clearance service involves several steps:

  • Assessment and Planning: The office clearance service provider assesses the office space, takes inventory of the items to be cleared, and discusses the specific requirements and timeline with the client. They determine the scope of the clearance, including any additional services needed, such as secure data destruction or recycling.
  • Organization and Sorting: The service provider assists in organizing and categorizing items for clearance. They identify furniture, equipment, documents, and other items that are to be disposed of, donated, recycled, or kept. This step ensures an efficient and systematic clearance process.
  • Packing and Removal: Once items are sorted, the clearance team packs and prepares them for removal. They may use appropriate packaging materials to protect fragile items during transportation. Larger furniture and equipment are dismantled if necessary, to facilitate safe removal.
  • Disposal and Recycling: The office clearance service ensures proper disposal and recycling of items in accordance with waste management regulations. They have knowledge of local recycling facilities and arrange for the responsible disposal of any hazardous materials. They strive to minimize landfill waste and maximize the recycling or reuse of items whenever possible.
  • Secure Data Destruction: If required, the service provider can offer secure data destruction services. They ensure the confidential and permanent removal of sensitive information from electronic devices, ensuring data privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Cleaning and Finalizing: Once the clearance is complete, the office space is left clean and ready for its next purpose. The service provider may offer a final cleaning service to ensure a tidy and presentable environment.

It’s important to note that the process may vary depending on the specific needs of the office and any additional services requested. Communication and collaboration between the client and the Clear My Rubbish team are essential for a smooth and successful clearance process.

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Is It Possible To Keep The Cost Down With Office Clearance?

Yes, it is possible to keep the cost down when undertaking an office clearance project. Here are some tips to help you manage expenses:

  • Plan Ahead: Having a clear plan will help you avoid last-minute expenses and ensure that you only pay for services you actually need. Measure the space, identify what needs to be removed, and try to anticipate any challenges that might require specialized services.
  • Use Trusted Clearance Company: A good office clearance firm will do the job quicker, and organized and will save you money this way.
  • DIY Where Possible: If there are items you can sell, donate, or dispose of yourself, you might save on labor costs. However, be aware that time is money, and this could be more time-consuming than you initially think.
  • Bulk Disposal: If you have other offices or departments that also require clearance, try to schedule them all at once for a bulk discount. The larger the job, the better the cost per unit may be.
  • Recycle and Resell: Some items might still be valuable or could be recycled. Selling furniture or office supplies could offset the cost of clearance. Recycling can also be cheaper than disposing of items as waste, not to mention it’s better for the environment.
  • Clearance During Off-Peak Hours: Some clearance companies might offer lower rates during their less busy periods. It’s worth asking if a lower rate is available for mid-week or off-peak hour clearances.
  • Negotiate: Prices may not be as fixed as they appear. It may be possible to negotiate the labor rate, disposal fees, or even terms of payment.

By employing a strategic approach and taking the time to consider your options, you can certainly manage the costs associated with office clearance more effectively.

Office Clearance FAQs

Q: Do you need to visit the property first to give a price for an office clearance?

A: An initial property visit isn’t always necessary to provide a preliminary quote for a house clearance, as if the rubbish is not much we can give an estimate based on information you provide about the size of the property and the volume of items to be cleared. However, a physical assessment of the property can often result in a more accurate quote. This is because our surveyor can better gauge factors such as the exact volume and type of items to be removed, the access to the property, and any potential issues or special considerations.

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