Camden House Clearance

Camden house clearance services are your optimal solution for seamless and efficient decluttering in the NW1 area. Our team ensures responsible waste disposal, emphasizing both environmental consciousness and adherence to local regulations. With a combination of affordability and professionalism, we’re committed to providing an unparalleled Camden rubbish clearance experience for our clients.

Camden House Clearance

What Camden Rubbish Clearance Services do I Get?

  • Camden House Clearance: Clearing any furniture and appliances, personal possessions, and most floor types by our quick house clearance team.
  • Garage Clearance: Removal and disposal of items stored in the garage, such as old tools, auto parts, and general clutter.
  • Camden Garden Clearance: Garden clearance of outdoor spaces, including removal of plant waste, old garden furniture, and other yard debris.
  • Furniture Clearance: Affordable furniture disposal in Camden. Prices from £120.
  • Attic Clearance: Clearing out items stored in the attic, ranging from old clothes and furniture to electronics and memorabilia.
  • Appliance Disposal: Safe and eco-friendly removal and disposal of household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens.

Camden Rubbish Clearance Bulky Waste

Clear My Rubbish in Camden would clear your house 7 days per week. If the rubbish is mixed we offer a bulk waste clearance service. The prices below are for mixed loads and exclude any additional costs that might occur if you are disposing of items like fridges or mattresses.

1/4 Load ( or 250 kg )

From £190 inc. labour

1/2 Load ( or 500 kg )

From £305 inc. labour

3/4 Load ( or 750 kg )

From £420 inc. labour

Full Load ( or 1000 kg )

From £520 inc. labour

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Why Use Camden Clearance Help?


Leaving the rubbish outside in Camden is illegal

Renting a van is time-consuming & expensive

Local Camden Clearance Services

Keep your hands clean- let us deal with the rubbish

Know-how on where to dispose of certain items in Hounslow

Quicker House Rubbish Clearance vs. DIY

What Are the Average Costs of Using Our Camden Clearance Help?

The average cost of house clearance services in Camden can vary significantly based on the scope of the project, the volume of items to be cleared, and any special handling requirements like hazardous waste disposal. Basic services may start at a few hundred pounds for smaller properties and simpler jobs, but more complex or larger-scale clearances can run into the thousands.

Load sizeWeight SizePrice
1/4 Loadup to 250 kg£190+VAT
1/2 Loadup to 500 kg£305+VAT
3/4 Loadup to 750 kg£420+VAT
Full Loadup to 1000 kg£520+vat

What Items Cost Extra To Be Cleared?

With the general rubbish like beds, wardrobes and chairs, there are certain items which will have an additional cost when calculating your price. Below we have a short list of the most common items which we collect and cost extra.

Washing Machines

From £60 per item

TVs and Monitors

From £10 per item


From £20 per item

Fridges & Freezers

From £65 per item


From £2.00 per 1 kg

How much notice do you need?

If you require Camden house clearance service, as a local company we need a week’s notice to give you a slot and price. We will try our best to make room and organize your disposal.

Do you clean the property too?

We provide Camden rubbish disposal service only. Unfortunately, if you need a cleaning service you will need to contact a local cleaning company.

Best Time For Camden Clearance?

The best time for Camden House Clearance is early spring. The time or the season will depend on many reasons like the reason for disposal, the amount of disposal, and how quickly you want the clearance to be done.

Are There Items Which You Do Not Take?

There are items that we will not be able to be collected and disposed of. Those items include gas bottles ( empty or full ), other explosive materials, medical waste, chemical waste, vehicle batteries, radioactive materials, flammable liquids like gasoline and propane and illegal substances.

Do I need to empty the furniture?

You can empty the furniture to make it quicker for our clearance team. If this is not possible, we have no problem doing this for you.

What if I have more stuff to dispose of?

We can take all extra items for disposal if there is space left or if the weight limit hasn`t been reached. The extra rubbish also must not be in included in the forbidden list of items we are not allowed to take.

Using Camden Rubbish Clearance vs. DIY

Camden clearance service offers distinct advantages over a DIY approach. Professional handling ensures waste is managed in line with local regulations, eliminating potential legal issues and environmental harm. They possess the necessary equipment and manpower for quick disposal of bulky items, while also having the know-how to recycle or repurpose waste effectively. Outsourcing this task saves individuals and businesses both time and effort, making it a more efficient choice.

Where Is My Recycling Centre?

The closest recycling centre you can use is the Regis Road Recycling Centre. The address to get there is Regis Road, NW5 3EW. However, opening times, accessibility, and services can change, so it’s recommended to check the official website of the recycling centre or contact the local council directly for the most up-to-date information regarding recycling centres and their locations.