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Welcome to the Man and Van Clearance page of Clear My Rubbish, where we combine efficient service with the convenience of mobility. Our professional team is ready to swiftly and responsibly handle your clearance needs, offering a personalized, flexible service that adapts to any situation, big or small.By using our man & van service you can get:

  • House Clearance
  • Garage Clearance
  • Basement and attic Removal
  • Furniture Removal
  • Wait & load Service

What Is Man & Van Clearance?

A ‘Man and Van’ clearance service is a flexible waste removal solution typically involving one or more individuals (the ‘man’) and a vehicle (the ‘van’). This service is designed to help with the removal of various types of waste from homes, offices, or other premises. The ‘Man and Van’ team will arrive at the property, load the waste onto the van, and then transport it for appropriate disposal or recycling. This service is often used for smaller clearance tasks, like furniture removal, garden waste clearance, or small house clearances, but can also handle larger jobs depending on the size of the team and vehicle.

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Man and Van Clearance Costs

‘Man and Van’ clearance costs in London can vary significantly based on a number of factors. The type and volume of waste, the time it takes to load it, and the distance to the disposal or recycling site all influence the final cost. On average, you could expect to pay anywhere from £160 to £320 for a standard load, although larger or more complex jobs could be more expensive. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, I’d recommend contacting our friendly customer service team by filling out our contact form. Once received, we will contact you within an hour to offer prices and advise.

ServiceTeamAverage Price
1/4 load (200 c.ft)1-2 Men£320+VAT
1/2 load (400 c.ft)2 Men£480+VAT
Full load 2-3 Men£900+VAT
Multiple loadsPer requestPer request

How Man and Van Clearance Work?

Man and van clearance services are designed to help with the removal of waste and unwanted items, particularly in situations like moving house, office relocations, or when you simply need to get rid of a large amount of clutter. The process generally involves the following steps:

  • Contact and Quote: Initially, you fill out our online form, describing what items you need to be removed. You may be asked to provide photos or more specific details about the amount and nature of the items. Based on this information, Clear My Rubbish will provide a quote for the service.
  • Booking and Planning: Once you agree to the quote, you book a time and date for the clearance. We will also discuss the specific logistics of the task, such as where the items are located, access to the property, whether there are any particularly heavy or awkward items, etc.
  • Arrival and Clearance: On the arranged date, the man and van team will arrive. He will load all the agreed-upon items onto his van. He usually does all the heavy lifting, and often he will sort through the items to separate them for recycling, reuse, or disposal.
  • Disposal: The company then takes away the items. They may be disposed of at a local waste disposal site, recycled, donated, or sold, depending on the nature of the items and the company’s policy.
  • Billing and Review: After the service, you will receive a bill (if not prepaid), and you might also be asked to provide a review or feedback on the service.

When considering a man and van clearance service, it’s important to ensure they are licensed waste carriers. In many jurisdictions, it’s illegal to use unlicensed waste carriers, and you could be held responsible if your waste is fly-tipped. Always ask for their license number and check it with your local authority.

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Man & Van Clearance FAQs

Q: Is man and van service suitable for mattress disposal?

A: Man and van service is suitable only for lightweight rubbish when the customer is not involved in the loading process. We can offer mattress disposal only if the mattress is a single size. For a bigger-size mattress disposal service, customers will need to help with loading the mattress onto our van.

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