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Whether you’ve just completed a home renovation, or simply decided it’s time for a change, old carpet removal is a task many homeowners dread. The size, weight, and dust can make carpet disposal quite challenging. But, did you know that house clearance professional services can make this process seamless? Let’s delve into the perks of using professionals for your carpet rubbish removal.

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How Do Clear My Rubbish Handle Carpet Disposal?

Clear My Rubbish handles carpet disposal through a systematic process that prioritizes efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. While the specifics can vary from one company to another, here’s a general overview of how these services often manage carpet disposal:

Assessment & Quotation:

  • Upon contact, the service will usually ask about the size, condition, and type of carpet to be removed.
  • Some companies might offer to visit the site for an in-person evaluation.
  • Based on this information, they provide a quotation for the removal service.


  • Once terms are agreed upon, a date and time for the carpet removal are scheduled.


  • The homeowner might be asked to ensure the room is cleared of furniture or other obstacles.
  • Any specific instructions (like if the carpet is glued or tacked down) should be communicated in advance.


  • A team from the clearance service arrives at the scheduled time.
  • They will roll up the carpet and, if necessary, cut it into manageable pieces for easier transportation.
  • If there’s underlay or carpet padding, that may be removed as well, often at an additional charge or as part of the package.


  • The removed carpet is loaded onto a van or truck equipped to handle bulky items.

Disposal & Recycling:

  • Many house clearance services prioritize eco-friendly disposal methods.
  • If the carpet is in a reusable condition, it might be donated or repurposed.
  • Carpets that aren’t reusable are typically taken to a waste management facility where they may be recycled or, if recycling isn’t an option, disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • Post removal, the team usually ensures the area is tidy, sweeping or vacuuming any debris or remnants left behind from the carpet.


  • Some professional clearance services provide customers with a waste transfer note or a receipt, detailing the disposal process. This is especially important in areas where documentation is required to prove responsible disposal.

How Much Carpet Disposal Cost?

The price for our house clearance team to remove carpet, offcuts and underlay for one standard room from your home is in the  £60 – £90 price range. The final cost will depend on the size of the carpet, if the carpet is wet or dry and how many rooms must be cleared. The overall carpet disposal price will be lower if this is part of a bigger house clearance service.

Carpet Disposal Services

Do I Need To Be Present When Your Men Are Removing The Carpets?

For many homeowners, being present offers peace of mind in terms of safety and oversight of who is entering their space. However, if attendance isn’t possible, it’s crucial to communicate all necessary details with the service provider in advance, such as access points and specific instructions about the removal. After the service, a post-removal walk-through can be scheduled to ensure the task’s completion and to discuss any potential concerns. Always consult with your chosen house clearance service to align with their requirements and make arrangements that suit both parties.

Can I Book a Carpet Disposal With A Very Short Notice?

At Clear My Rubbish, we always strive to accommodate our customers’ needs as efficiently as possible. While we offer same-day and next-day services for carpet disposal, availability depends on our current schedule and workload. We recommend reaching out to our team as soon as you know your preferred date to ensure prompt service. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’ll do our best to fit into your desired timeline.

Do I Need To Remove Furniture From The Room Before The Carpet Clearance?

Yes, at Clear My Rubbish, we recommend that all furniture be removed from the room prior to our arrival for carpet clearance. This ensures a swift and efficient removal process. If assistance with furniture removal is needed, please notify us in advance. Removal of the furniture will not be required only if we are doing a complete house clearance service- all the furniture and carpets are to be cleared. In this scenario, we will clear the furniture and any junk in each room and then all carpets will be loaded onto our vans.

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