Do House Clearance Companies Take Clothes

by | Jun 16, 2024

House clearance service will take the clothes with or without the furniture. Clear My Rubbish is known for removing unwanted items from homes, but many wonder whether we also accept clothes during their operations. While items like furniture, appliances, and electronic waste are typically catered to, clothes are an often overlooked aspect of house clearance services.

Do The Kinds Of Clothes Collected Matter To House Clearance Services?

The short answer is no. We can take any type, condition, and volume of clothes you have. They can be sorted in bags or still sitting in inside the drawers. Our teams are equipped with bags to quickly empty all drawers, so the clothes are separate from the furniture. What matters is what happens after we collect them.

What Clearance Services Do After The Clothes Are Collected?

After collection, house clearance services typically manage clothes with one or several of the following approaches, depending on the company’s policies, the condition of the clothes, and other factors:


Clothes in good condition are often donated to local charities, shelters, or community centers, which then distribute them to people in need or sell them to raise funds for their causes.


Some house clearance services may resell valuable or high-quality items, such as designer or vintage clothes, through various platforms, or offer them to second-hand or vintage shops.


Clothes that are not suitable for donation or resale due to wear and tear, stains, or other damage are often sent to textile recycling facilities. These facilities can repurpose the materials to create new textile products or convert them into industrial rags, insulation, or other products.

Waste Disposal:

If clothes are not suitable for any of the above options due to severe damage or contamination, they might be disposed of as waste, following local regulations and environmental guidelines to minimize the impact on the environment.


Some innovative clearance services might collaborate with artisans or creative professionals to upcycle clothes into new, unique items, promoting sustainability and waste reduction.

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What Are The Costs Of Collecting Clothes When Doing House Clearance?

The costs associated with collecting clothes during house clearance can vary widely depending on several factors including the company’s pricing structure, the volume of clothes, and any additional services required. Below is a detailed look at how costs might be determined when clothes are included in a house clearance service.

  • Minimum clothes clearance charge: £90 (call-out charge )
  • Fuel costs: £1.50 for every extra mile ( when the collection address is more than 10 miles from our base )
  • Recycling charges: £25.00 for every 100 kg of clothes

Volume and Quantity

Many house clearance services base their charges on the volume of items to be cleared. A larger quantity of clothes would generally imply higher costs due to the increased labor and transportation required. Thus, homeowners with significant volumes of clothing items to dispose of should anticipate higher costs.

Service Fees

Some house clearance companies charge a service fee for the collection, transportation, and disposal of items. This fee might cover labor costs, vehicle expenses, and other overheads. The inclusion of service fees is standard practice, meant to cover the operational costs associated with the clearance process.

Valuable Items

If the clothes collected include valuable or designer pieces, some companies might reduce the cost of the service, or even pay the homeowner, given the potential resale value of such items. This practice is advantageous to homeowners as it allows for financial recovery from the disposed-of items.

Special Handling

Clothes requiring special handling or disposal methods might incur additional charges. For instance, contaminated or hazardous materials often necessitate more careful and costly disposal processes. Homeowners should be aware of and disclose any special handling needs beforehand to avoid unexpected charges.

Distance and Location

The location of the property and the distance to the disposal or recycling center can also impact costs. Remote or hard-to-reach locations might incur higher transportation fees. A strategic choice of a locally based clearance company can often help in mitigating such costs.

Recycling and Disposal Fees

Some clothes may be subject to recycling or disposal fees, particularly if they are not suitable for donation or resale and must be processed as waste. Being informed about potential disposal fees is crucial as they can significantly impact the overall cost of the service.

Finding the right house clearance service is crucial for a smooth and efficient process that aligns with your needs and values. A reputable service will not only handle your items responsibly—through recycling, reselling, or donating—but will also provide transparent inventory and documentation, helping you stay legally compliant and potentially offering tax benefits. By carefully selecting a house clearance company that adheres to high standards, you ensure that the process is conducted ethically, legally, and with minimal stress, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and the stakeholders involved.